Nervous Patients

“Dr Banerji is fabulous. Just the best dentist, I would not dream of going anywhere else.”

- SH -

“I found everybody so helpful, lovely...I would never go anywhere else.”

- JD -

“He made it super easy super comfortable!”

- BB -

“Very child friendly, and interactive and made the tools fun and not scary.”

- NB.-

Do You:

1) Avoid seeing the dentists because you feel too nervous? 

2) Put up with dental pain because you are too scared of what the treatment would entail? 

3) Have had a previous bad or painful experience? 

If you feel very nervous to undergo dental treatment please do arrange to speak to Dr Banerji. There are several options available including dental sedation provided by our highly qualified and experienced Anaesthetists. With dental sedation, you are able to have your treatment in comfort and in a pain free way. Dr Banerji has been treating patients who feel nervous of dental treatment for several years. 

Life Benefits

  • You will be able to overcome your anxieties and prevent dental problems. 

  • You will no longer worry about having dental treatment 

  • You will be able to reach a point from where you would just need simple preventive and maintenance procedures and therefore avoid future treatments .