Dr Ashok Sethi

31 years of experience
High success rate ( 99.5% - Kaplan Meier survival curve)
Excellent aesthetic functional outcomes
Founder of the diploma in implant dentistry (RCS)
Founding member, and past president of the Association of Dental Implantology (ADI) Honorary life member of the ADI.
Director of PID – Academy – providing gold standard courses in Practical Implant Dentistry.
Founding member British Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry
Author of best selling book – Practical Implant Dentistry translated into ten languages (Quintessence publishing )
Experienced in reconstructing jaws Bone Grafts with high success rates (99.6% - Kaplan Meier survival curve)
Teeth in a day (Immediate placement and loading high success rate good outcomes)
General Dental Council Registered Specialist in Oral Surgery
General Dental Council Registered Specialist in Prosthodontics (Two key disciplines required for implant dentistry)

Dr. Sethi has pioneered, in the UK and internationally, the art and science of surgical and restorative implant dentistry for 31 years in his private Harley Street practice. His practice is totally dedicated to implant dentistry routinely receives referrals from his eminent colleagues.

Dr Ashok Sethi

BDS, DGDP(UK), MGDSRCS(Eng), DUI(Lille), FFGDP(UK) Specialist in Oral Surgery Specialist in Prosthodontics GDC No. 47861

His systematic application of sound biological principles, research data and clinical experience have resulted in outstanding success rates in terms of predictability as well as aesthetic and functional outcome.

A founding member and past president of the Association of Dental Implantology (UK), he has been designing courses and teaching postgraduates for 20 years at programmes run by the Royal College of Surgeons, the University of Lille, and in the private sector.

He is a Board Member of the Faculty of General Dental Practitioners. He has conceived and is the founding Director of the Diploma in Implant Dentistry, of the Royal College of Surgeons of England, which for the first time enables practicing practitioners to combine their education and training with a busy successful practice.

He is currently collaborating with international institutes to further promote this unique approach to professional development and raising standards across this emerging field.

He is the author, with Thomas Kaus, of a fundamental textbook “Practical Implant Dentistry” recently published by Quintessence, which has been translated into 10 languages.